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--- Conference report is available ---


6th IAA Planetary Defense Conference

Conference final report is available.

Abstracts, papers, posters and presentations are available online.

Authors may send their updated submission: please contact iaapdc(at) for any question or update.

Press Release is available.

Statement of Support for the Apophis 2029 Opportunity.
Statement of Support for AIDA / HERA.
Statement of Support for NEOCam.

Videos of the conference are available (  and at and the Wednesday evening public event (featuring Bill Nye):

Planetary Radio Live Defends Planet Earth!



Past Planetary Defense Conferences are available on this website
(with conference report, papers, presentations and detailed information).

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The International Academy of Astronautics will hold its 6th conference  from April 29 to May 3rd, 2019 in the USA. The bi-annual conference brings together world experts to discuss the threat to Earth posed by asteroids and comets and actions that might be taken to deflect a threatening object.

  • Key International and Political Developments
  • Advancements in NEO Discovery
  • New NEO Characterization Results
  • Deflection & Disruption Modeling and Testing
  • Mission & Campaign Design
  • Impact Consequences
  • Disaster Response
  • Impact Risk Assessment and Decision to Act
  • Public Education and Communication

The conference will include a hypothetical NEO/Earth impact event scenario that will be part of the conference (similar to what was done at the 2013, 2015 & 2017 conferences). Conference attendees may also use the hypothetical scenario as their topic for papers and presentations.

Although this scenario is realistic in many ways, it is completely fictional and does NOT describe an actual potential asteroid impact.

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Early-Bird Registration
3 Sep 2018 to 1 Mar 2019
Abstract Submission Date
3 Sep 2018 to 12 Dec 2018
Paper Submission Date
31 Jan 2019 to 3 Apr 2019
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