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2009 Granada

1st IAA Planetary Defense Conference, 27-30 April, 2009, Granada, Spain

2009 Conference papers and presentations are available

Session 1: Discovery, Tracking, Characterization
• Status of the discovery program
• Options for enhancing detection and tracking of near Earth objects
• Latest information on physical characteristics of asteroids (including Apophis) and comets
• Recent Earth and Mars close approaches
• Characterization of the types of threats faced: approach trajectories, impact probabilities, object sizes, likely warning times
• Radar tracking and physical characterization of Near Earth Asteroids
• Cratering on Earth and Mars as it relates to consequences of impact

Session 2: Mission & Campaign Design
• Information required to increase the likelihood of success for mitigation or close approach missions
• Deflection campaign designs that increase the probability of overall mission success
• Intercept orbits and mission time requirements
• Design of missions to characterize, track, or deflect threatening Near Earth Objects (NEOs)
• Engineering considerations for developing and operating a deflector spacecraft (e.g., rapid spacecraft development, integration, testing; autonomy; communications; guidance and control)

Session 3: Deflection Technologies & Simulations
• Technologies that might be used against a short term (2 month to 10 year warning), medium term (10-20 year warning), long term (>20 years warning) threats
• Effectiveness vs. object size, shape, properties
• Interceptor/diverter technology requirements and current status (propulsion, guidance, etc.)

Session 4: Neo Impacts & Consequences
• Estimates of costs of impacts: financial, social, casualties, etc.
• Current information on past NEO impacts (e.g., Tunguska)

Session 5: Policy, Preparedness, Deciding To Act
• Factors that will influence the decision to take or not take action to mitigate a threat
• Evolution of a threat (detection, decision to act, action)
• Disaster preparation and response; lessons from recent disasters
• Public notice, public perception, education
• Suggested thresholds for deflection actions

Session 6: What’s Happening Now?
• Status of current UN and government-level policy discussions
• Specific ongoing and funded activities that support planetary defense

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