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2011 Bucharest

2nd IAA Planetary Defense Conference, 09-12 May, 2011, Bucharest, Romania

2011 Conference papers and presentations are available

Conference report, key points and recommendations from the 2011 IAA Planetary Defense Conference


Monday, 9 May 2011

08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcoming remarks
09:30 Keynote: Dr. Anders Sandberg

Session 1 History & Current Status
Chairs: Ray Williamson, Detlef Koschny

10:30 Historical Overview of the Cosmic Impact Hazard
David Morrison (UNITED STATES)

11:00 US/NASA NEO Program Status and Plans
Lindley Johnson (UNITED STATES)

11:30 The Near-Earth Objects Segment of the European Space Situational Awareness Prog
Gerhard Drolshagen1; D. Koschny1; N. Bobrinsky2   1(NETHERLANDS); 2(SPAIN)

12:00 Introduction to UN COPUOS and NEOs
Richard Crowther (UNITED KINGDOM)

12:20 A global Approach to Near-Earth Object Impact Threat Mitigation
Harris, A. DLR (GERMANY)

Session 2 Discovery & Tracking Resources and Plans
Chairs: Alan Fitzsimmons, Lindley Johnson

14:00 Update of Estimated NEO Population and Current Survey Completion

14:25 Comparing the Earth Impact Flux from Comets and Near-Earth Asteroids
Donald Yeomans; D.K. Yeomans; A.B. Chamberlin (UNITED STATES)

14:50 The Catalina Sky Survey, Past, Present, and Future
Edward Beshore; S. M. Larson (UNITED STATES)

15:15 The Pan-STARRS search for Near Earth Asteroids - present status and future plans
Richard Wainscoat (UNITED STATES)

16:10 Near Earth Object Detection with LSST

16:35 Gaia Astrometry of Near-Earth Objects
Daniel Hestroffer; D. Bancelin; W. Thuillot; P. Tanga (FRANCE)

17:00 The Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite (NEOSSat) Will Search near-Sun along the Ecliptic Plane to Efficiently Discover Objects of the Aten and Atira Orbital Classes
Alan Hildebrand1; B. Gladman1; E.F. Tedesco2; R.D. Cardinal1; P. Gural2; M. Granvik2; S.M. Larson2; K.A. Carroll1; P.G. Brown1; P. Wiegert1; P. Chodas2; B.J. Wallace1; S.P. Worden2; J.M. Matthews1 1(CANADA); 2(UNITED STATES)

17:25 A Space-Based Near-Earth Object Survey Telescope in Support of Human Exploration, Solar System Science, and Planetary Defense
P. A. Abell; R. G. Mink; J. B. Garvin; B. W. Barbee; D. Mazanek; D. R. Komar; D. Adamo; A. Cheng; A. S. Rivkin; K. Hibbard; K. L. Miller; R. Dissly; A. Mainzer; D. K. Yeomans; L. N. Johnson (UNITED STATES)

Welcome reception at The Scientists Club

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

09:00 Intro & Welcome

Session 3 Potentially Hazardous Objects - Recent Progress
Chairs: Don Yeomans, Giovanni Valsecchi, Pedro Gutierrez

09:10 Physical Properties of NEOs that Inform Mitigation
Patrick Michel1; 1(FRANCE)

09:35 NEOWISE – An Infrared View of NEOs and the Solar System
Amy Mainzer; J. Bauer; T. Grav; R. M. Cutri; J. Dailey; J. Masiero; R. S. McMillan; R. Walker; E. Wright; D. Tholen (UNITED STATES)

10:00 Radar Tracking and Near-Earth Object Characteristics
Lance Benner; L. A. M. Benner (UNITED STATES)

10:25 Orbital Distribution of Near-Earth Objects
Vacheslav Emel'yanenko; Sergey Naroenkov; Boris Shustov (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Coffee break

11:20 1999 RQ36 Impact Risk and Modeling the Long-Term Yarkovsky Effect
Andrea Milani; F. Bernardi; D. Farnocchia; G.B. Valsecchi (ITALY)

11:45 Asteroid Impact Hazard Assessment Over Long Time Intervals
Steve Chesley (UNITED STATES)

12:10 The search for Earth impacting asteroids by the Pan-STARRS
Veres Peter1; Robert Jedicke2; Mikael Granvik2; Steve Chesley2; Richard Wainscoat2; Shinsuke Abe3; Larry Denneau2; Tommy Grav2 1(SLOVAKIA); 2(UNITED STATES); 3(TAIWAN)

12:35 Keyholes as Providers of Deflection Leverage

13:00 Lunch

Session 4 Impact Consequences & Education
Chairs: Mark Boslough, Alan Harris

14:30 Consequences of the Tunguska Impact and their Interpretation
Giuseppe Longo; L Gasperini; E Bonatti; C Stanghellini; R Serra (ITALY)

15:00 Creating Awareness - The Impact Hazard in Public Education Curricula Content, Students'Interests and Concepts and Educational Implementation
M. Mueller (GERMANY)

15:30 New Classification Scale for Impact Consequences
Maria Gritsevich; V. P. Stulov (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Coffee break

16:10 Airburst Warning and Response
Mark Boslough (UNITED STATES)

16:40 Calculation of the Impact of a Small Asteroid on a Continental Shelf
Galen Gisler (NORWAY)

17:10 Dynamics of Tsunamis Generated by Asteroid Impact in the Black Sea
Dragos Isvoranu; S Danaila; V Badescu (ROMANIA)

17:40 The Protective Role of the Earth’s Atmosphere against the Threat of Asteroids

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

09:00 Introduction & Welcome

Session 5 Campaign Planning
Chairs: Nahum Melamed, A.C. Charania

09:10 AsteroidSQUADS/iSSB - a Synergetic NEO Deflection Campaign and Mitigation Effects Test Mission Scenario
Jan Thimo Grundmann; S. Mottola; M. Drobczyk; R. Findlay; M. Hallmann; A. Heidecker; R. Kahle; E. Kheiri; A. Koch; O. Mierheim; F. Nohka; D. Quantius; M. S van Zoest (GERMANY)

09:30 Target Selection and Mission Analysis of Human Exploration Missions to Near-Earth Asteroids
Aline Zimmer; E. Messerschmid (GERMANY)

09:50 Effects of NEO Composition on Deflection Methodologies
Yohei Sugimoto; G. Radice; J. P. Sanchez (UNITED KINGDOM)

10:10 Mission Concepts and Operations for Asteroid Mitigation Involving Multiple Gravity Tractors
Cyrus Foster; J Bellerose; D Mauro; B Jaroux (UNITED STATES)

Coffee break

11:00 Development of a Handbook and an On-Line Tool on Defending Earth against Potentially Hazardous Objects
Nahum Melamed (UNITED STATES)

11:20 ESA NEO missions studies: what have we learned?
Andres Galvez, Ian Carnelli (SPAIN)

11:40 Robotic and Human Exploration/Deflection Mission Design for Asteroid 99942 Apophis
Sam Wagner; B. Wie (UNITED STATES)

12:00 Near Earth Object Interception Using Nuclear Thermal Rocket Propulsion
Steven Howe; X. Zhang; C. Granier; E. Ball; L. Kochmanski (UNITED STATES)


Session 6 Mission Planning & Technologies
Chairs: Mariella Graziano, Ian Carnelli, Bong Wie

14:00 Measuring the Momentum Transfer for Asteroid Deflections
Kevin Housen; K.A. Holsapple (UNITED STATES)

14:20 Influence of intermediate-scale structures on Yarkovsky and YORP effects
Oleksiy Golubov1; Yurij N. Krugly2 1(GERMANY); 2(UKRAINE)

14:40 Improved Navigation Techniques for Asteroid Landers and Impactors
Andrew Klesh; T. Kubota; T. Yoshimitsu (JAPAN)

15:00 Design Options for NEO Missions
Jesus Gil-Fernandez; R. Cadenas; T. Prieto; D. Escorial (SPAIN)

15:20 Numerical Models of Hazard Mitigation by Nuclear Stand-Off Burst
Catherine Plesko; R. P. Weaver; W. F. Huebner (UNITED STATES)

15:40 Limits on the Use of Nuclear Explosives for Asteroid Deflection
Megan Bruck (Brown University) and David Dearborn (LLNL)  (UNITED STATES)

Coffee break

16:30 Hypervelocity Nuclear Interceptors for Asteroid Deflection and/or Disruption

16:50 Gravity Tractor Strategies for Deflecting a Binary Asteroid System
Julie Bellerose; Cyrus Foster; David Mauro; Belgacem Jaroux (UNITED STATES)

17:10 Meeting Objectives for Human Exploration of Near Earth Objects: First Steps in Understanding How to Explore
Victoria Friedensen; P. Abell; B. Drake; P. Guirgis; K. Larman; D. Mazanek; D. Reeves (UNITED STATES)

17:30 The Ion Beam Shepherd: A New Concept for Asteroid Deflection.
Claudio Bombardelli; Jesus Pelaez; Eduardo Ahedo (SPAIN)

18:10 Outline of Hayabusa-2, next asteroid sample return mission of Japan
Makoto Yoshikawa; H. Minamino; S. Nakazawa; M. Abe; Y. Tsuda; J. Kawaguchi (JAPAN)

Evening: Conference Dinner & Student Award Ceremony at the The Diplomatic Club

Thursday, 12 May 2011
09:00 Intro & Welcome

Session 7 Student Session
Chairs: Mariella Graziano, Alex Karl, Dario Izzo

09:00 On Testing Laser Ablation Processes for Asteroid Deflection
Alison Gibbings; M Vasile; J-M Hopkins; D Burns (UNITED KINGDOM)

09:30 Detecting Radiation Pressure on NEOs: The Case of 2009 BD
Marco Micheli; D. J. Tholen; G. T. Elliott (UNITED STATES)

09:50 NEOMiSS: A Near Earth Object decision support tool
Charlotte Norlund1; H. G. Lewis1; P. M. Atkinson1; J. Y. Guo2 1(UNITED KINGDOM); 2(UNITED STATES)

10:10 The Performances of a Wide Survey on a Population of Impactors
D. Farnocchia; F. Bernardi; A. Milani (ITALY)

Coffee break

11:00 Near Earth Asteroids Orbits from Gaia and Ground-Based Observations
D. Bancelin, D. Hestroffer, W. Thuillot IMCCE, Paris Observatory (FRANCE)

11:20 Nuclear Fragmentation/Dispersion Modeling and Simulation of Hazardous Near-Earth Objects
Brian Kaplinger; B. Wie; D. Dearborn (UNITED STATES)

11:40 Development Of Mission Design Process For Collision Avoidance Of Near Earth Objects
Nitin Kumar Mishra; G Patel (INDIA)



Session 8 Legal Policy, Political Framework for Planetary Defense
Chairs: Frans von der Dunk, Brian Weeden

14:00 Recommendations of the U. S. NRC Study on NEOs
Michael F. A'Hearn (UNITED STATES)

14:25 Progress of NEO Activities Within UN COPUOS
Sergio Camacho (UNITED STATES)

14:50 Towards National NEO Program

15:15 US Government Policy and Approach to Planetary Defense
Lindley Johnson (UNITED STATES)

Coffee break

16:05 PANEL SESSION: Discussion & Next Steps
> Summary of key points from presentations
> Discussion of next steps

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