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Abstract Submission

ABSTRACT SUBMITTAL:  Technical paper abstracts (250 to 500 words in length) in the areas described in the leaflet or related to planetary defense will be accepted electronically through the conference website beginning September 3, 2018 (US Eastern Time). Abstracts will have to be sent by email to   iaapdc(at)  
Please be sure to designate the topic area your paper addresses (see topics listed in the leaflet). Please also indicate whether the abstract is eligible for the student competition (see below). The extended deadline for receipt of abstracts is December 12, 2018 (US Eastern Time). Letters of official acceptance will be mailed on or before January 18, 2019 (US Eastern Time).

PAPERS:  Full-length manuscripts or two-page extended abstracts are due by close of business on April 3, 2019. Revisions and corrections will be accepted within two weeks after the end of the conference. The format for papers is specified on the conference website.  Accepted papers (including two-page extended abstracts and poster papers) will be published on the official conference proceedings CD and hosted at the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s website. Full-length manuscripts may be considered for publication in a special edition of Acta Astronautica.


- Abstract template (word format file) (LaTex format file)

- Extended abstract template (word format file) (LaTex format file)

- Paper template (word format file) (LaTex format file)

STUDENT COMPETITION: One or more of the best student paper(s) will be awarded a prize. The aim of the student competition is to help promote academic work and informed political debate by enhancing research and general understanding essential for sound decision making on NEO impact threats in years to come.



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